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Women's Health

Millions of women can experience a range of difficulties and discomfort because of obstetric issues but physiotherapy can play a key role in reducing the impact and restoring normal function.

Women’s Health Physiotherapy

Pelvic pain and weakness in the pelvic muscles (pelvic floor) can lead to debilitating issues such as back pain, constipation and incontinence.

An estimated one in three women experience low back pain during pregnancy whilst one in five experience pelvic girdle pain.

The pelvic floor is a complex structure of muscles that support the body and organs but can frequently suffer from lack of strength or over tension.

A set of established exercise routines that strengthen abdominal and pelvic muscles can enhance a measured recovery programme. Physiotherapists can also guide programmes that release the tension in the abdomen and hips, which are a common cause of back and pelvic issues.

Breathing and relaxation techniques can also be effective method of alleviating tension in the pelvic girdle.

Activating and exercising the correct pelvic muscles is key to reducing pain and tension and even guidance on better sleeping positions can contribute to a holistic recovery programme. Acupuncture and Pilates stability exercise can also be employed.

An assessment with one of our physiotherapists who is skilled and experienced in women’s health will help identify muscular and postural issues as the first step on a treatment pathway.

Patients can benefit from physiotherapy post childbirth as the body experiences hormonal and physical changes during pregnancy that can lead to ligament weakening and pelvic floor trauma.

Pain in the sacroiliac joint at the base of the spine is common during and post pregnancy but strengthening regimes can restore muscle tone and ease discomfort.

The first consultation should be after the six-week check-up (or eight weeks after a C-section).

An exercise routine can accelerate recovery from the natural effects of childbirth with walking and swimming useful progressions once the body has stabilized.

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