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Sports Injuries

Sports Injuries

Sports injuries come in many forms and impact almost any part of the body, from muscles, tendons and ligaments to joints and bones. It is important to seek advice if you feel pain as continuing to exercise while injured can cause further and more long-lasting damage

Resting and regularly applying an ice-pack to the affected area is the important first step but if the symptoms do not improve in a few days then physiotherapy help is advisable.

Sports Injuries

The physiotherapist can determine the extent of the injury and devise a tailored programme that reduces the pain, restores movement and function and then builds strength to prevent further injury.

Using established diagnostic pathways, the physiotherapist can determine what treatment, such as massage and manipulation, will remedy the pain and what exercises are needed to restore mobility and safeguard against repeat injury.

Physiotherapists can also advise on specific approaches to training and exercise that will enhance safe performance and improved capabilities in the future.

Recovering from an operation that has affected mobility following a sports injury needs to be well-structured and individually tailored to ensure the best outcome.

Most injuries do not require surgery but some require corrective procedures and fixing with plates, screws and rods.

Operations to repair knee and ankle joints and torn tendons and ligaments are standard procedure and rehabilitation is a crucial element of the healing process.

Physiotherapy needs to be progressive and considered so that muscles, joints and bones are not put under too much strain. Our physiotherapists are skilled at designing programmes that lead to the best possible recovery without causing any further stress.

The team has worked with Olympic and professional athletes through a range of complex injuries as well as helping patients achieve desired mobility and function so they can return to work, sport and maintain their independence.

Having a professionally prepared physiotherapy plan is an essential part of rehabilitation.

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