Post-Operative Rehabilitation

Physiotherapy Treatment

Post-Operative Rehabilitation

Recovering from an operation that has affected mobility needs to be well-structured and individually tailored to ensure the best outcome.

Post Operative Physiotherapy

Most injuries do not require surgery but some require corrective procedures and fixing with plates, screws and rods.

Operations to repair knee and ankle joints and torn tendons and ligaments are standard procedure and rehabilitation is a crucial element of their success.

The process needs to be progressive and considered so that muscles, joints and bones are not put under too much strain. Our physiotherapists are skilled at designing programmes that lead to the best possible recovery without causing any further stress.

The team has worked with Olympic and professional athletes through a range of complex injuries as well as helping patients achieve desired mobility and function so they can return to work, sport and maintain their independence.

Physiotherapy is an important tool for recovery from any type of operation and it plays a hugely important role in restoring independence for all patients.

Being guided back to basic functions such as walking, climbing stairs and everyday domestic functions are critical to full recovery from the operation and to provide the strength and flexibility to stay healthy

Having a professionally prepared physiotherapy plan is an essential part of rehabilitation.

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