Neuro Rehabilitation

Neuro Rehabilitation

Neuro Rehabilitation

Physical and occupational physiotherapy is effective advice across a range of neurological conditions and injuries such as stroke (or mini stroke), multiple sclerosis, brain injury and tumors, degenerative illness such as Parkinson’s disease, falls and damage to the nervous system

Parkinson’s disease, falls and damage to the nervous system. These can have a profound impact on independence and daily quality of life as well as physical ability. The approach is focused on preserving function and compensating for any loss of neurological capability.

The strategy involves a detailed assessment of the patient followed by a structured evaluation of their needs be that a return to work and exercise or to preserve the ability to perform daily activities such as dressing, cooking, cleaning and negotiating public transport. Physiotherapy can help strengthen and mobilise muscles and joints to preserve existing function and explore new strategies to adopt new ways of performing tasks.

Exercise can stimulate neuro activity to help restore some functions and our neurological physiotherapists have a wealth of experience in creating plans to suit individuals and deal with complex treatment plans. Neurological disorders are among the most challenging issues for physiotherapists but their impact can be transformative.

Symptoms can stretch from limb weakness, pain, sensory variations and problems walking to headaches, poor mood, slurred speech, fatigue and poor cognition. Although most neurological conditions are progressive, recovery outcomes through physiotherapy can restore independence and physical ability. Exercises and stretches tailored to individual needs stimulate muscles and joints and improve stamina and flexibility.

These exercises can be passive and be performed in bed or in a chair to more dynamic movements depending on the extent of the injury or condition.

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