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Hand Physiotherapy

The hand is a complex part of the body with its large range of of movement and application governed by tendons, muscles, bones, tissue and nerves. They are crucial to our ability to grip, hold and perform daily activities as well as work and sport.

Hand Physiotherapy

Damage to the hand can be caused by traumatic injury, repetitive strain and nerve compromise which can lead to a loss of motion, dexterity and the ability to complete simple tasks such as opening a cupboard or making a cup of coffee. Patients can experience debilitating discomfort, pain and reduced function which can result in employment difficulties.

Physiotherapy for the hand treats all sprains, strains    and nerve issues such carpal tunnel syndrome, which is caused by work or hobbies that place stress on the wrist or from conditions such as arthritis and diabetes. Patients can experience tingling, numbness and weak grip because the median nerve in the wrist has become compressed.

Any hand injury, nerve complaint or operation rehabilitation programme starts with a comprehensive assessment by the physiotherapist who can then construct a safe, structured plan. Stretches to improve flexibility and the range of motion in joints are often vital to restoring full function to the hand. A series of connected exercises can build up strength in the hand, wrist and arm.

Physiotherapists can also advice on employing new ergonomic tactics to reduce the risk of repeat injury and sprain from regular tasks. Some injuries will require splints during the stabilisation period and the physiotherapy team can advice on the correct time to start exercises and the pace of progression. Ultrasound can be used to stimulate damaged areas and break down scar tissues while steroid injections are an option in some cases to reduce inflammation.

The team is skilled at dealing with a number of hand injuries such as ‘trigger finger’ – the development of fibrotic nodule from repeated actions such as gripping a racket in sports or clutching a steering wheel or mobile phone – and ‘skier’s thumb’ a regular sporting injury or accident that causes a ligament tear.Arthritis and osteoarthritis, which caused stiffness, inflammation, are common sources of pain in hands. But expert treatment can relieve aches and tension while restoring a range of pain free movement.

Our physiotherapists are experienced at discovering the root cause of hand pain and guiding patients back to full independence or a return to work or sport.

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