Stewart Brown

Stewart Brown

Role: Specialist MSK Physiotherapist

Qualifications: BSc. Physiotherapy

Stewart graduated from Coventry University in 1997. He initially worked within the NHS, gaining experience in a wide spectrum of physiotherapy specialities, before going on to specialise for over 17 years in musculoskeletal conditions.

Stewart has been fortunate to gain a wealth of experience with a variety of conditions, including trauma, sports related injuries, as well as non trauma related conditions concerning joints, muscles, tendons, ligaments, and nerve. Over the years he has worked with a number of patients with spinal pain, both as the primary practitioner with non surgical spinal conditions, and as a practitioner overseeing post surgical spinal rehabilitation.

His approach to treatment always aims to identify the key underlying factors to any condition. Once these are identified, and a working diagnosis is established, he forms a bespoke treatment plan aimed at optimising recovery while preventing recurrence of the problem. He believes that each individual will exhibit subtle differences with their problem or condition, and that the treatment programme should reflect this and be tailored to that individual specifically.

His approach to treatment combines both hands on manual treatment in conjunction with the appropriate exercise therapy. Stewart creates an open and honest relationship with his patients, and believe that an approach of having open dialogue and conversation helps to promote a better understanding and knowledge of the specific condition and subsequent goals of the treatment plan.

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